Our Approach

1Market and client service delivery: Our Law Firm provides a single point of entry to all our clients.

2Governance: Our Law Firm does not implement any performance system which does not necessarily stimulate team orientation.

3Operation Excellence: In-sourcing specialized lawyers for legally complicated issues, allows us to gain a broader competitive edge.

Our Strengths

1Research: We as a Law Firm spend extensive research time, not only anticipating the legal issues that changing technology and global business brings with itself, but also analyzing Corporate & Intellectual Property Laws, deals and developments in India. This preparatory based approach to work is one of our distinct advantage, and a unique selling point.

2Meeting your priorities: Balancing legal quality with commercial realism, without sacrificing either, is a hard-learnt skill that we learnt as a Law Firm. We place equal importance on both.

3Quality: We place a strong emphasis on quality – quality of legal advice, and quality (including speed) of service.

Transparency in Fee

1Upfront discussion: We are proud to say that we are transparent in our fee structures and reimbursable costs. Our fee structure is always fixed & discussed upfront. There is no ambiguity that any client faces as regards the fee structure related to his/her representation by us.

2Flat fixed fee: Our flat fixed fee method of payment denotes that we do not want a client to spend more time in the courts than what is usually required. Our fee once quoted is for the full duration of the legal matter in that court of law irrespective of the time it takes. Thus, delay in a matter is neither in our interest nor in the client’s.

3Alternative fee arrangements: Alternative fee arrangements  based on the complexity & the scope of the project serve the client better, as there are no unproductive hours or price uncertainties.


We respect client confidentiality. Trust and confidence are the prime assurance that we give to all our clients. All personal information related to a case is held by us in utmost confidentiality through two way non disclosure agreements between our Law Firm and the client concerned.


We provide services surrounding corporate, industry and personal areas, and have experience in cases that require working with several professionals.


Indian Laws surrounding corporates are complex and are the subject of frequent, and sometimes radical, change. It is important, therefore, to use the services of a law firm that comprehends complex issues pertaining to corporates, and designs a legal service that holds fast to the prevention is better than cure adage……..

Advisory | Arbitration | Business & Commercial Litigation | Corporate Transactions | Environment | Foreign Direct Investment | Franchising | Intellectual Property Rights | Regulatory Compliances


Individuals with legal needs will attest that finding the right lawyer can be difficult. Be it business or family disputes, you will need to feel confident that you’ve made the right choice. We offer you a friendly, jargon-free approach, without compromising on skill, speed and efficiency…….

Business DisputesConsumer Disputes | Cyber Laws | Employment DisputesFamily Dispute   | Immigration | Marriage | Litigation | PropertyReal Estate 

Start Ups

Start-up companies have a variety of early stage legal needs to assure that the business is built on a firm foundation. These needs often span several areas of law including contract drafting, protection of intellectual property, employment issues, business entity selection, working with investors and more……..

Arbitration | Business Structuring | Business Licensing | Contract Drafting | Corporate Governance | Information Technology | Raising Investment | Institutional Finance | Intellectual Property Rights Startups | FDI & Regulatory Issues | Management Practices | Ecommerce


NRIs embroiled in legal disputes in India often find that the experience can be complex, expensive, and stressful. The biggest problem NRIs face is direct interaction with their prospective lawyer and comprehending complex transborder cases. In these cases, time is of the essence. Court hearings are expensive and time-consuming, and an efficient advocate can help clients restrict their court attendance to the bare minimum in said case……..

Family Disputes | Marriages | Property Disputes | Real Estate | Taxes